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Posted by:info on 2019-07-09

Chemical Products

We sell a broad range of organic and inorganic chemical products both domestically and internationally. Among these, titanium oxide has excellent tinting and opacifying properties. It is used in fields such as car paints where sophisticated technology and tough durability are required, as well as a whole range of other areas that surround our lives such as printing ink, synthetic resins, fibers and paper manufacturing. In addition, the fact that we provide denitration and deodorizing catalysts that help protect the earth’s environment is also a key trait of our company.


Product Names

Intended Use

Titanium Dioxide

Paint, Rubber, Ink, Plastics, Catalyst

PVC Stabilizer and Metallic Soap

PVC stabilizer, Additives for plastic processing

Barium Salts

Electronic material, Glass, Ink, Pharmaceuticals, Industrial material

Zinc Compound

Paint, Rubber, Electronics, Cosmetics




Removal of NOx, Polymerization, Hydrogenation